meet Orca
Raw talent and a routine process, flirtatious instinct and clear thought, untethered ideas and founded strategy. All these coexist in a place with no walls, an uninvited hierarchy and collaborative teams.

As we age, we are growing younger. Everyone’s working in teams. There’s usually always an open-house, workshop or guest session every second week. Experience counts, but not as much as a contribution to brand, organisation and team (in that order); we believe it's not the years that count though, but the mileage.

And we are quite intense about our work, however much we enjoy it.

We like it this way.

We’re always looking for people who thrive in a challenging work environment.

The creative development driver, strategist, and root fixer.

Nagesh Manay (you may soon see him in a Star Trek episode)

The business management head, marketing logician and reliable Mr Cool.

Somanna NB (the tallest of us all)

The Protocol10 digital group lead - futurist, and man on a mission.

Faisal T Mohammed (the neatest desk in the office)

The creative team lead, versatile thinker and the man of the masses.

Pramod Nath (lead singer on the hit song 'impulse')

The group account lead, brand navigator and keeper of the peace.

Poushali Dhar (the real dragon queen)